I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz surrounding using video as a medium for your social media content lately. It’s a fast growing medium that is really getting results.

If you’re like most of us though, the thought of using this new medium is more than a little intimidating!

Fortunately there is now a huge array of tools and guides out there now to help you make the most of this new medium, minus the stress.

Social Media App developer, Buffer suggest that there is a 5 step process to creating video content. These steps are:

  1. Listen and understand your audience
  2. Align with your brand goals
  3. Create the content and make it resonate
  4. Share. Share. Share again!
  5. Measure. Analyse. Understand.


While Vidyard offer some tips on building the right video content to engage your audience and bring measurable results to your objectives. their tips are:

1. Empathy is key – If you want them to listen, contextual your message to their needs.

2. Quality / Quantity – It’s important to create content your target audience will want to engage with.

3. Use a Feedback Loop – always revisit and seek outsider opinions (preferably from your ideal customers) to see if the concept resonates.


Hopefully some of these tips have made the thought of using video as a medium for your content a little less daunting. It really is a medium worth giving a try because although written content can be effective for many audiences, visual marketing is proving itself to be an even more powerful tool to help you increase interactions and actions.

We hope you’ll give it a try. Leave a message below sharing your videos with us.


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