Over the past few weeks we’ve talked about sales funnels and what they are. Today we thought we’d cover off on how to get the most out of your funnel.

Your sales funnel can have just a few steps or many. As a lead moves from the first level, where they’re visiting your site for the first time, you want them to continue down into the funnel to the final level, where they purchase your product or service. To make sure that your funnel is working and people are ending up at the bottom, where they convert to customers, you need to look at your funnel and check the conversation rate of each step. Is each stage of the funnel working?  Are you losing people at a certain step each time?

If you’re funnel has too few steps, such as asking them to buy as soon as they hit your website, they might not respond well and leave. But if you have too many steps in your funnel, you might be losing them because your sales funnel isn’t clearly defined.


So how do you make sure your Sales Funnel is working properly?

Hubspot offer the following steps to help define the stages of your funnel and improve your sales results:

1. Understand Lead Quality – Is the lead a good fit for your business or product?  Are they actually interested?

2. Implement Lead Scoring – use a lead scoring or lead grading program can help you determine the importance of different activities throughout your funnel.

3. Optimise the stages of your Sales Funnel – by continually analysing key metrics at each stage of the funnel, you will know if your funnel develops a ‘hole’ or a blockage somewhere.  You can’t fix what you don’t know about!

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