During August we’ve been talking about sales funnels – how the funnel can show the many leads you have at each stage of your sales cycle, and how offering packages that fit with your audience will help your conversion rate at each stage.

BUT how do you know if your sales funnel is working?

There are four key metrics to use to measure the success of your sales funnel:

1. The number of leads that come in contact with you via your sales funnel.

2. The dollar value of every deal in your funnel.

3. The average amount of time leads are in your sales funnel until they become a customer.

4. The average percentage of sales that you make via your funnel.

Read more from Hubspot on how a sales funnel works and how to measure your sales funnel results.

Pipedrive also offer some great suggestions on how to manage your sales funnel & how to easily obtain these metrics. Read more here …

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