Google say that to effectively reach potential customers, your text ads should be specific, relevant, attractive, and empowering.

They share some best practices for writing successful text ads for AdWords and some common mistakes to avoid, such as:

  1. Showcase the products, services, or offers that make you competitive by highlighting in your ads what makes you unique.
  2. Make sure you include prices, promotions and exclusives in your ads because people use Google search to make a decision about something. So make sure you give them the information they need.
  3. Calls to action like purchase, call today, order, browse, sign up, or get a quote make clear what the next steps are and empower your customers to take action.
  4. Google suggest that having Keywords in your ad text will show your ad’s relevance to people. For example, if you’ve included digital cameras as a keyword, your ad headline could be “Buy Digital Cameras.” Go here to learn more from Google about how to build the best keyword list.

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