Having an effective sales funnel is necessary to attract and convert customers and keep your current customers returning again and again. Your website, and especially, your landing pages, play a big part in any sales funnel.

This article by Crush Campaigns is a good guide on all aspects of creating a landing page that works. They cover everything from how to build a great landing page, where to source targeted traffic and much more help you achieve your goals. Read more …

We particularly love this article by Jon Loomer on how to create a sales funnel in Facebook using website custom audiences. With Website Custom Audiences, you can target ads at people based on how far along they’ve moved along the funnel. How?

1. create a sequence of ads to share on Facebook.

2. create a Website Custom Audience for each page of your sequence – do this using Facebook’s Power Editor (Check out how in Jon’s article).

3. create ads for each step of the sequence.

Check out Jon’s article, and video, for the full details on how to do this.  Or better yet, join us for our Facebook bootcamp where you’ll learn this and so much more.  Book now …



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