If you write content for you website and social media, then you will know from experience that blogging isn’t always easy. It takes time and effort to create a post that speaks to people so they want to read and share it. But if you can write blog posts that resonate, it will play a big role in the success of your content marketing plan.

Blogs help by giving your target customers potential solutions to a challenge or question they have. Blogging is also can help to establish your company’s authority in a given industry.

So how do you make sure your blog posts do all of the above and drive the results you want? Buffer offer us these 7 essential elements for a perfect blog post:

  1. Headline: the 6 words that count most – For newspapers and magazines, the headline is often the most important element on a page. A blog’s title is no different.
  2. Storytelling hook – To keep your readers interested, use storytelling when writing your intro. Using storytelling can boost your blog’s readership by as much as 300% compared to one without storytelling.
  3. Fewer characters per line at first – The fewer the characters, the easier the text is to comprehend.
  4. Featured image – people can remember images 6 times easier than text so use quality photos to make your blog post more memorable.
  5. Subheads for scanning –  keep them reading by making your content extremely easy to scan.
  6. Content and the 1,500-word sweet spot – Blog posts of 1,500 words or more tend to receive more shares.
  7. Soundbites for sharing – Make your perfect blog post as quotable and shareable as possible.

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