Most of us have heard of Google Analytics. We know there is a little bit of code that web developers add to our site so we can gather information about our posts. But do you know just how much analytics can help  you to improve your posts so they really resonate with your target audience?

To help, Social Media Examiner have put out a post detailing the basics of Google Analytics and what you need to set up to really make the most of the data analytics captures. They’ve covered off the following:

  1. Google analytics glossary of terms
  2. How to navigate the analytics home page
  3. How to pull out specific reports, and
  4. How to use your dashboard

They have really gone into detail giving a good overview on how to navigate your Google Analytics data, as well as a few to-dos to make that data meaningful.  We highly recommend you have a read and get analytics set up ASAP so you can make the most of that hard work you put into your posts.

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