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What’s the reason why you’re using a particular social media platform?  Is it because you feel comfortable using it, or because it’s easy to use?  Or because it’s what everyone else is using? Or did you make your decision based on the “science”?

One of the social media courses I deliver is “Using Social Media to Promote Your Business” (next course on Monday 3rd March 2014 at The Place, Charlestown Square, Lake Macquarie, NSW).  In this course I overview the major social media platforms, discussing the pro’s and con’s of each,  which in turn helps Businesses determine the most beneficial platform(s) to use in marketing their products & services, as well as determining where the targeted market spends the majority of their time online.  In other words, looking at the “science”.

Which is why I just have to share this great infographic from Leverage New Age Media – it’s the most concise overview I’ve seen put together.  The saying a “picture paints a thousand words” now needs to be changed  to an “infographic paints a thousand words” ….. 🙂


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Out of this list, I REALLY LOVE Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest – and here’s my reasons why:

Google+ – my absolute favourite! Besides the benefits of Authorship; Search Engine Ranking; being a “professionally” focussed platform; awesome Analytics & Ripples; Google Docs & Google Drive, and the myriad of apps with flawless integration between them; AND accessible to ALL (as opposed to Facebook where you have to have a Facebook profile to view a Facebook Business Page) – it’s just soooo easy to use and it’s FREE!!!

LinkedIn – the ultimate FREE professional networking site; with the ability to showcase who are my clients, with links to their websites; testimonials received; my skillsets displayed; listing of endorsements received. And not forgetting the power of utilising LinkedIn Groups to interact, share knowledge and LEARN.

For job seekers, LinkedIn’s a “no-brainer” – fantastic layout for a digital CV; complete with a personalised summary, job specific keywords, targeted selection criteria for “the job you want” rather than “what’s on offer”; ability to include links to professional documents; insertion of video – just means that your CV appears regularly in recruiters search results & can even lead to being head-hunted!

Pinterest – if you have “high visual” products & services, then you MUST have multiple Pinterest business boards. Again, it’s another “no-brainer” ! Take advantage of the ability to append prices; use rich pins; link to websites; add descriptive text; and so much more …

After reading the above infographic, did you realise that so many people were using these platforms globally? And which of these is your favourite?

However, if you’re using another platform, I’d love to know what it is and why you like it so much.  Will it be the next big “thing” ???  Tell me why …

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